Fotograph Friday # 3

“Library Leisure” – 5th Avenue & 41st

I’m aware that I’m a bit late to the party today on my posting. The honest truth of it is, that today was the first day I had the energy to drag the camera to work with me. This particular photo was taken at about f22, ISO 100 with a 1/1000th shutter speed. Still getting used to the new lens and the insanely wide berth it gives in its use. It’s incredible how close I honestly have to get to the buildings in order to get a proper picture. Unfortunately for me, prime viewing location is dead center in the street.

Given that I’m not moving out of the city any time soon, I’d like to give some late night light trail photography a shot in the near future. This particular lens is perfect for that kind of thing and it could make for some incredible photos after the right amount of experimentation.

As of now expect a proper posting on Tuesday as I’ve already written it, and look out for Snippet Sunday at its normally scheduled time.

Until next time…


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