The Last Song

A plethora of color on a warm day in Sunnyside.

You’ll notice it’s been a fair clip since I last posted. It’s time to explain that. This will be the final post on the website, at least in the sense of updates, I’ll still likely use it to display my photography content and what not but the days of weekly updates are no more. 

When I started this project, I was in horrific place, I was looking for a way to understand, to process, and to grow. I didn’t know who to talk to or how to process what I was feeling. My social life had been thrown into turmoil, I’d just uprooted a life that I’d lived for five years, and I was living in a state of in between. It’s kind of unbelievable looking back now, the state I was in merely even six months ago. Through this project I could start delving into my own mind, my feelings, and process things I’d been feeling, or preventing myself from feeling for years. Even with the infrequency with which I posted it was a safe outlet for me. Some weeks I would post about things I’d noticed in my travels of the new environment I was working and living in; Other weeks I’d post about things like friendship, or loss. Things that needed processing and a physical outlet, a way for me to find a new equilibrium. 

I sit here today, writing this, because I feel like I’ve found that equilibrium. I’ve found that piece of me that I needed to find. I’ve come to appreciate the time I spend on my own doing my own thing, as much as I’ve come to appreciate the time of the people that I’m still friends with, or the new friends I’ve made along the way. I wake up in the morning feeling optimistic about the day, though I’m still always tired and never get enough sleep. I can look at the world in a way where I see that today is another day that I get to move forward, to learn, to grow, to be with family, and friends. I don’t dread what the next day has to bring so much anymore, but embrace it and look forward to it. I’m just as happy sitting alone in my room, or exploring Queens by myself, as I am spending time with the people I care about. I’ve come to realize too that just because I don’t talk to people every day doesn’t mean that I’m alone either, and the feelings of emptiness I used to feel when that did happen were completely unfounded. 

The past almost year now, has been a true education for me. I’ve learned more about myself, in that past year, then I have in probably the last decade. I’ve thrown caution to the wind in many cases, and made many changes, but still adhere to the core tenets of my personality. I’ve evolved, as I wrap up the decade that was my twenties, and age sees me out one door and into the next. I am nothing but hopeful for the future I have laid before me. I’m hopeful for myself, I’m hopeful for my family members, and the friends that I still have in my life. I see the tracks of a new path being put out before me, as the train move forward never ceasing. 

My one final piece of advice is move forward. Yes, it’s certainly okay to reminisce about days of old, relationships of the past, adventures you’ve had, but one must never let that fully encompass the world they live in. For if you live in your memories, you miss what could be around the corner right in front of you. You don’t find the opportunities that others may see, because your distracted by what was, when what could be is standing right in front of you. Grow, Learn, Love, Lose, it’s all part of our journey here on earth. Life is short, don’t waste it. 

So, with that, I bring this to a close. Thank you for the Journey you’ve joined me on these last 8 months. Thank you for being the invisible sounding board I needed to grow, and become a better me. This will be the final post. So, a fond farewell to you all.

Never lose sight of who you are…


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