30 Days In…

A street without traffic in Sunnyside, NY.

It’s been a while since I’ve written to you all. I’m still healthy, and nothing to worry about thus far. Settling into this new reality has certainly been a process. It’s been an actual thirty days since I’ve spent more than a half an hour outside of my apartment. I haven’t taken the subway in that time, I haven’t entered Manhattan in that time. I leave my apartment once a week for an hour to buy groceries, and other than that have spent my life indoors.

It’s a stark contrast to the world I lived in as little as forty three days ago. Forty three days ago, I could still go to the bar out in Flushing, and I was still going to a physical office. Forty three days ago, I could still travel to Boston, and I could still visit my Parents. Forty three days ago seems like an entirely different world, there were 90,000 case of Coronavirus Worldwide, and 98 total cases in the United States… Today, there are 1.8 million cases worldwide, with 514,415 cases in the United States alone.

So what does this new reality look like? For me, it’s been rolling out of bed at 8:45 am to punch in at 9 am for work. It’s been a complete shift in spending across the board. From purchasing the standing desk converter for my room (Pictured below), to investing in the stock market with excess funds I have because it’s at an all time low. I’ve spent time baking, i’ve spent time listening to music, and watching streaming services. I’ve picked up a workout routine that I try to do on a somewhat regular schedule. I don’t leave my house if I can avoid it, and when I do i’m wearing a surgical mask which i’ve grown dangerously low on, or one of the N95 masks that i’ve kept in storage for emergencies.

My Work from Home Set up, post COVID-19.

My social life has shifted from a largely physical outside presence with a minimal online life, to a fully online presence. I’ve invested in a subscription to Zoom Meetings so I can host online video chat sessions, and online board game nights. I’ve purchased a new microphone to ensure that I can be heard clearly and cleanly, and i’ve plugged in my webcam again. While it’s important for us to physically distance from our friends and family, we must remember that physical distance, does not mean we need to retract from society as a whole. This can seem difficult at times, even for me.

If you’re wondering what to do with your time, perhaps its time to take up a new hobby. Take a stab at cooking, or baking. Try your hand at indoor photography, or maybe give video games a shot if you really are at a loss. Keep moving, and keep working out of course. Being completely sedentary isn’t healthy either. Schedule time to spend with you family and friends, give Mom and Dad a call. Keep in touch with people. If you’re hair is getting too long like mine was maybe even give yourself a quarantine cut (Pictured below).

Not terrible for my first try at a haircut.

The important thing to remember in all of this, is don’t give up on yourself, and don’t give up on society. While we can never return to the “normal” we had, we need to work towards a new one together. For we are only as strong as we are together. Keep trying to stay healthy, keep staying safe. Keep thanking our Healthcare workers, our First Responders, and for god sake, STAY THE FUCK HOME. The sooner we all adhere to this, the sooner we can get over the curve and start working towards our new normal.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Happy Easter/Passover should you celebrate either.

Until next time…