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  • Fotograph Friday, Holiday Edition # 1
    This week’s Fotograph Friday comes to you from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I took this shot the first night I was there for PAX Unplugged. It’s truly an incredible shot, and I only cheated a little bit. The star effect was achieved using a filter, in this case a Hoya 55mm 8 Point Star Effect Glass Filter. … Continue reading Fotograph Friday, Holiday Edition # 1
  • Fotograph Friday Returns!
    Finally back with a Fotograph Friday! it’s been a while, but i’ve slowly been getting out more with the camera. So hopefully there will be more of these moving forward. The water looks truly incredible in this shot. This was taken at ISO 50, 30 Second Exposure, at an f/stop around 7. Was using the … Continue reading Fotograph Friday Returns!
  • Fotograph Friday # 4
    This week’s photo comes from Grand Central Terminal. I’ve always loved this clock at the center of the station. Time has held a very large place in my life lately, mainly because I honestly feel I just seriously haven’t had enough of it. Time also heals all wounds, no matter how deep they may be. … Continue reading Fotograph Friday # 4
  • Fotograph Friday # 3
    I’m aware that I’m a bit late to the party today on my posting. The honest truth of it is, that today was the first day I had the energy to drag the camera to work with me. This particular photo was taken at about f22, ISO 100 with a 1/1000th shutter speed. Still getting … Continue reading Fotograph Friday # 3
  • Fotograph Friday – Hudson Yards
    This week’s post comes as I traverse my way back to Grand Central. One of the more enjoyable aspects of my commute thus far is the opportunity to spend some time in Hudson Yards on my way home from work. I’ve unfortunately yet to get up on the Helix as the line is always been … Continue reading Fotograph Friday – Hudson Yards
  • Fotograph Friday – Union Square
    No big update for today, these generally won’t be. Just hanging out in Union Square waiting for a friend. Saw an apartment earlier but I don’t think it’s going to work out. Keep your eye out for Snippet Sunday in a few days, and the regularly scheduled post next Tuesday. – Dave

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